1. As a general rule, every child from First to Sixth Class inclusive is given homework each week night. Parents are asked to ensure that their children complete the homework each night. In the event of the homework not being attempted or not being completed, teachers may insist that the homework is completed by the children during some of the breaks
  2. Each child from First Class up should have a homework journal and homework copies.
  3. Where exceptional circumstances prevent the completion of homework, please forward an explanatory note to the teacher.
  4. Do not do the child’s homework for him. Work set for homework will have been prepared in class. Please check your child’s homework for neatness and point out mistakes.
  5. Changes have taken place in the way in which certain areas of Maths are being taught. In helping your child, please adhere to the methods being used in school. Providing alternative methods may lead to confusion for the child.
  6. Oral work is as important as written work. Please listen to the child read, and examine spellings and tables.
  7. Parents should check homework journal and homework each night and sign the journal.
  8. As a general rule, homework is not given at the weekends.

The school also has a Homework Policy which should be read.

Primary School