Green Schools: Planting Daffodils with Gordon Young, Tidy Towns

7th November 2023. Today the older children from the Green Schools Committee planted daffodil bulbs in our Wild Flower corners with the help of Gordon and Claire Young of Murroe Tidy Towns. Gordon kindly dug a trench for us to plant the bulbs. The bulbs were donated to us by Murroe Tidy Towns. We are looking forward to seeing the bulbs grow in the spring!

We also had a look at the bird houses that Gordon had put up earlier, and we looked at the flowers on the ivy. These flowers will become black berries which are an important food source for birds in late winter and early spring.

Sit back and enjoy the slideshow below!

Biodiversity in Senior Infants

Today we learned about Endangered Animals in other parts of the world. We discussed Climate change and global warming and the effects on wildlife.

We then discussed ways of caring for our environment. The children suggested planting more trees, recycling, using electric cars, buses, planes, using solar panels, wind turbines, stopping over fishing and reduce emissions by walking instead of travelling by car.

Hyacinth bulbs for Juniors, Seniors and First Class

The children on the Green Schools Committee from Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class were invited over to 2nd Class today, where they each got a little present: a hyacinth bulb for their class!
The bulbs are in a special glass jar that will allow the children to see the roots grow over the next few weeks. The bulbs need to be in the dark until after Christmas. Looking forward to seeing how these lovely flowers grow and bloom!

Mini-intel regional finals

Bobby, Djulaibib and Dylan got through to the mini-intel regional finals which took place in Shannon on the 30th November. (Unfortunately Dylan was unable to attend on the day). There were schools from Limerick, Clare and Galway at the regional finals. In total 98 schools took part. Although the boys didn’t progress to the finals in Dublin, they did very well to get that far, and we are all very proud of their achievements 👏

Primary School