School News 07/09/17

Welcome back to all our pupils and a Céad Míle Fáilte to all our new pupils.

Staff: We welcome to our staff our new teachers, Niamh Hannon, Antoinette Gleeson, Karen Maher and Dónal Neville. We thank Colm Ó hAnluain for his work in our school for the past two years. Colm has left to take up a position in Birr, Co. Offaly.  

Supervision of Pupils: N.B. Careful supervision of the pupils is undertaken by the teachers and SNAs at all times during the school day. The measure of duty placed on the teacher is “to take such care of his/her pupils as a careful parent would of his/her children” (in loco parentis). The school will open to receive pupils at 9:20. Supervision begins at 9:00. Pupils should be punctual and ready to line up at 9:20 when the school bell rings. Classes end for infants at 2:00p.m and for all other classes at 3:00p.m unless otherwise advised. Parents who wish to have their children collected or escorted home should make their own arrangements and the person to escort them should be at the school not later than the official closing time/advised time, as the school cannot accept responsibility for looking after the children after that time. Children participating in after school activities will be notified of finishing times by their teachers.

Contact number: Please ensure that we have an up to date contact number and your email address.  

School security: Our new access control system is in place. To gain entry to the school please ring the bell located at the main front door.  

Attendance: It is very important for your child to be in school every day that the school is open.  

♦ Pupils should attend school regularly unless prevented from doing so by illness or other exceptional circumstances.  

♦ In the event of a Late Arrival for school after the start time of 9.20 or a requirement for Permission to Leave before the end of the school day for reasons which include attendance at medical appointments or other necessary reasons, parents are requested to sign for this.

♦ Pupils should present to their teacher, a written explanation in the journal, dated and signed by a parent/guardian following any absence from school. In the case of Infants who have not yet started using a journal, parents are requested to complete an Explanation for Absence form. This will be kept on file until year-end.  

♦ It is recommended that holidays be confined to the official vacation periods. Parents who intend taking their children on holidays during the school year, outside of official vacation periods, must inform the principal in writing of their intentions in advance.

Healthy Eating Policy: We have a healthy eating policy at school. We ask you to support our policy by ensuring that your child has a healthy lunch each day. We ask you not to give your child sweets and chocolate for school. Crisps and fizzy drinks are not permitted. Chewing gum is forbidden.  

Head lice: Now that we are back at school please remember to check hair regularly and treat if necessary.  

Important Safety Notice: Parents are requested to note that peanuts or any type of nut are not permitted due to the risk of allergic reaction and also the risk of choking.

Code of Behaviour: Please read with your child the Code of Behaviour on the front and back cover of your child’s journal and then together with your child sign the Code.  

Homework routine: Your child can develop good homework habits by setting aside the same time to do homework each day and also doing homework in the same place. Homework should be done early in the evening. Children should remain at their homework until it is completed and then it should be placed back in the school bag ready for the next day. Sometimes it takes children longer to do their homework when they go into a new class but as your child develops a routine the quicker and easier it becomes for the child and for everyone at home.  

Respect for the school building: We ask you to remind your child to treat the school with the same respect that they would treat their own homes. Also, pupils are to leave the school by the main school gate only. Pupils are not permitted to mount the walls or railings in the school.  

Road Safety: Please remind your child of the importance of road safety and of looking up and down before they cross the road. For children who travel to school by bus remind your child to sit down on the bus, to belt up and to remain seated for the journey. Be very careful to wait until the bus has left before crossing the road again remembering to look up and down.

School uniform: In order to avoid confusion with the school uniform you are asked to label all items of your child’s uniform.  

Start of Year Mass: This mass will take place in the church on Thursday September 28th at 11.45am. All are welcome to attend.

Le gach dea ghuí,
Marie Griffin (Principal).