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All-Ireland Cross Country Finals

Best of luck to our very own student Peter Ashe who will travel to Wicklow tomorrow to participate in the All Ireland Cross Country Finals. Peter is part of a team who will represent Newport A.C. This is a great achievement for Peter and we wish him the best of luck! We will be hoping to see a medal Monday!!!!

STEM Measuring Length

Children in 4th and 5th class went out into the school environment to estimate and measure the length, width and perimeter of four play areas. Children worked together in groups. This is a great example of a hands-on activity that was meaningful the children!

Stem Power Hour in Third Class

Children in third class took part in a ‘STEM Power Hour’. Children worked in groups with the Bee-Bots and the Lego WeDo sets. This session was an introduction to control technology and programming using robotics. Children developed communication, collaboration and team-building skills. The session was greatly enjoyed by all!

Working as Scientists

Children in fourth and fifth class completed an experiment investigating the density of water. Children changed the density of water four times and presented the different levels of density using food colouring. Children worked together as scientists to explore and decide on the best method of carrying out the experiment. Children planned, problem-solved, collaborated and communicated on their method of carrying out the experiment. Mistakes were encouraged and children used these mistakes to learn from the experience. Children were engaged and motivated in the learning taking place. They greatly enjoyed working as scientists!

STEM Power Hour!

Children in fourth and fifth class participated in a ‘STEM Power Hour’. Children worked in groups and had opportunities to work with Bee-Bots and Lego We-Do Sets. Children programmed the Bee-Bots and the Lego We-Dos. Children enjoyed the work of ‘STEM Power Hour’.