Maths Week: Fifth Class

Children in Fifth Class are celebrating Maths week with a wide range of activities. Last week, we started Maths Week with a Zoom of Izak9 cubes. We also studied the artist Kandinsky’s and used his art piece ‘Concentric Circles’ as a stimulus for our Scary Trees.

This week, we focused on problem solving using daily problems, solving different problems each day. We participated in the Mega Maths Quiz on Tuesday, working together to solve eight problems which were communicated through Zoom. On Wednesday, we completed a session on Scratch, creating a code based on 2D shapes.

On Thursday, children played a number of Maths game and participated in a Mega Maths Quiz in the class. They also have an opportunity to participate in a Chess workshop.

On Friday, children completed activities in a fun Maths booklet before playing die games with their friends.