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Would you like to Skype a Scientist?

Do you want to chat with a scientist over video chat? You will be matched with a scientist for free! These sessions are q&a conversations, so you can talk with a scientist about what makes YOU curious. We have lots of different scientists to choose from, so don’t be shy! All you need is a zoom/google hangout/skype/ or other video chat client and an internet connection! You can find all the information at:

A virtual Platform for our Children

“Project 2020/TOGETHER” by The Museum of Childhood provides a platform for children of all ages to express their hopes and fears, thoughts and observations, whilst providing a sense of community and togetherness as work and art received is highlighted through a virtual exhibition.

Each week they will release a “common theme” and ask children to develop their thoughts using art, drawing, poems, short stories. Each work will be published on our virtual exhibition to give inspiration and a sense of “togetherness” and “closeness” to other children who would like to participate, or simply, would like to observe the work done by others.

Simply email your children’s entries to: 

We invite submissions from parents / carers, of their children’s work. Entries are open to children age 5-11 and 12-18 years of age. 

‘After the Virus’ Box

This is a lovely activity that suits all ages. Firstly, children can make the box with materials and resources from their home (be creative). Then colour and paint the box. As a family, come up with your different plans you would like to do together after the virus! Something to look forward to once we resume normality.